Friday, January 25, 2008

INSANITY at the Circus

At what point does an act, stunt, or trick cross the line to insanity? How about climbing a PVC-like pole that stands 4 stories in the air...using no net or safety harness. Yep, I'd say that pretty much crosses the line to insanity!Hey Bello! We see you up there!
Good heavens, Bello! What are you doing standing up and balancing on that pole... 4 stories in the air... with no net or harness?Oh, my! Surely you're not hanging upside down. Do I need to remind you that you're 4 stories in the air?Even watching Bello's shadow in the upper deck seating made my stomach cut flips!
But Bello was not afraid, oh no! Bello was in love! In love with this little lassie.
Thus inspiring him to climb a PVC-like pole, 4 stories in the air, without the safety of a net or harness.

Hmm, I wonder if Superman would have chased me up a 4 story pole? Maybe up 4 flights of stairs or 4 blocks down the road, but probably not up a 4 story pole!

But for the sake of me telling this story, let's just say that Superman did follow me up a 4 story pole. And then I decided to come down the 4 story pole in 2.39 seconds, like this.I guarantee you that Superman would not chase me down the pole like this... upside down... for 4 stories ...holding on to the pole with nothing but his legs!
Like I said, INSANITY!

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