Monday, January 28, 2008


At our reception...look closely, he's holding out empty pockets. He's got such a sense of humor!
These are pictures of pictures, so they're not very good quality. I'm having some scanner issues, so it's the best I could do on the spot. Also, Superman and I got married nearly a decade ago, so no comments from the peanut gallery on my hair! I was a teen in the 80's, and hadn't quite gotten over my obsession with hairspray!

(**EDITED** to add photos of Daddy being his typical self!)
Meet my Dad. I caught him off guard over Christmas when I snapped this picture. Normally he's grinning from ear to ear. I think I got my giddy-ness from him. He's a bubbly, jolly soul despite what this photo depicts!

Daddy is one of those people that you either love or hate. I happen to love him! I've been a daddy's girl pretty much since birth.
There's not a lot of gray area concerning him! You either hate his passion, drive, and determination, or you love him for those very same qualities. He's sometimes misunderstood, but he has one of the most sincere hearts of anyone I've ever known.

Take this week for example. I received no less than four phone calls from Daddy in one day. He was letting me know that one of the fire service trucks his county had ordered was delivered and sitting a mere 10 miles from my house. He made sure that I knew the name of the salesman, just in case I wanted to take the joys to check out the new truck. He reminded me that he had taken my oldest joy to look at sample trucks at this particular car lot months ago, and therefore C would be able to show me right where to go. He then called to see if we had made it to said dealership to look at said truck. He later called to let me know he was leaving his county and headed in our direction. He made sure to give me his ETA...just in case we might want to stop by and check out the new truck, and oh yeah, we could see him, too.

Knowing it would make Daddy's day, as well as the joys' day, Superman and I loaded up and headed to the dealership. We entered through the back, and I called to see if he was there yet. In typical Daddy response he answered, "Yeah, we're around front. We're the bunch of kids playing with the lights on the truck."

And that was nothing less than an understatement.

Before we even made it to the side of the building, the night sky was lit up with flashing red lights. The cars were reflecting flashing red lights. The glass buildings were reflecting flashing red lights. My retinas were blinded by the refections of flashing red lights.

And although I thought I was only going to come in contact with my dad and one other man, a 16-passenger van load of firemen and my dad and the other man and every salesman at the dealership were all outside "playing with the lights" on the new truck.

And considering I had been baking all day, had my hair pulled up in a ponytail, was wearing a sweatsuit, and had on not one stitch of make-up, this could have been one of those "hate him" moments. But let me just share with you one example of just why I love my Daddy. When I shrieked, "Dad, why didn't you tell me there were going to be people here? I don't have my face on!" He said, "That's OK bug, come look at the new truck!" His child-like enthusiasm saw right past my frizzy ponytail, my frumpy sweatsuit, and my colorless face! He just wanted to share his joy and excitement with me and my family.

We love you Daddy! You're a wonderful dad, a great father-in-law, and a super Paw Paw!

And by the way, the new truck was awesome- especially the flashing lights!


Sara Mincy said...

He sounds so cute and jolly :) Sounds like fun!!!! At least they didn't take pictures of you and your make-up -less self! How funny!

inspired said...

You are so like your dad...what a sweet post! Don't you just love a daddy who understands you!


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