Saturday, December 29, 2007

Air Mail

I was minding my own business.
Soaking in a bubble bath.
And in flew a piece of air mail.
Just for me!

And ever so carefully, I opened it.
I recognized the handwriting as that of a little littlest joy...the one that looks like his daddy, but acts like his mama!
And in typical "acting like his mama" fashion, he peeped his head around the corner and proceeded to translate it for me.

"I love- loVE- LOVE mom!", he said with increasing emphasis.

And I chuckled to myself.

He's a sweet little monkey!

And he's getting smarter every day!

Not only has he figured out how to use his to his advantage. He's even figured out how to sneak in a few extra hearts into his love letters! Did you notice the heart replacing the "o's" in love and mom? He's a tricky little monkey!

Now my littlest joy, here's a trick for you. Please stop growing up so fast! Time is passing much too quickly!

But no matter how big and strong you grow, you'll always be my baby baby!

I love, loVE, LOVE you, too!

1 comment:

Tara said...

How cute! I ran into your husband at the fireworks stand and asked about you and the boys. I havent seen you in a while and hope things are great! I am teaching at North Central Middle and try some art in my spare time (yeah, right). My pictures can be seen at
Wow! kids grow fast and your boys are beautiful!

Tara Miyasaki
( that art teacher from a long time ago!)

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