Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome Precious

Little Miss Priss made her grand entrance shortly after noon today. Thank the Lord this little angel is more punctual than the rest of our family. I was in a pinch and knew that I had no choice but to leave the hospital at 1:00p.m. today in order to make it to our Boys' Club Co-Op. I worried and fretted and thought she would probably not come until 1:02, just moments after I had to leave. But bless her sweet little heart, she came just in time for me to see her, hold her, and snap a gazillion pictures.

I went back tonight and had a chance to snap some more pictures of her, and her mom, and Boo Boo. Here's one that I thought was really sweet of her resting with her mom. There's just nothing quite like the contentment of a baby sleeping on her mama!

And here is a shot of that sweet little lump of sugar with Boo Boo...

Did I mention that she already has her daddy wrapped around her sweet little pinkie?!?!

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