Thursday, November 1, 2007

Weekend Photos Part III

I'm running short on time today, because we've still got the tummy bug making its way through our household. I couldn't resist posting a couple more pictures from this weekend. I was determined to get a few good shots for our Christmas cards and newsletter. Here's one of the first ones that I snapped...Since we've been going to this particular beach, C has been intrigued by these crosses. After we finished taking pictures and we're riding by the crosses, he asked to stop and take some pictures there, too. It made my heart melt!!! Here's just one of the ones I took at the crosses. C's tenderheartedness is one of the reasons I say he may look like me, but he acts like his daddy! Gosh, I'm one lucky gal!

1 comment:

DanaB said...

What fantastic pics of your boys! Thanks so much for sharing :)

I stumbled upon your blog this morn and have truly enjoyed reading and looking at your pictures.

It's refreshing to read about your joys :)


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