Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekend Photos Part I

Can you hear it? The clouds have parted ways, the heavens opened, and a choir of angels are singing Hallelujah!
I was mere seconds from an absolute, tee-total meltdown followed by the hissyfit to end all hissyfits, when suddenly I found the cable that hooks from my camera into my laptop. You know, that super-important piece of plastic that lets you download your photos! (And yes I know, there probably is some technically correct word for that piece of plastic, but at this particular second I just don't care!)
Anywhooo... my boys and I went to the beach this weekend for the state Shell and Fossil Fair. I used our trip as an opportunity to snap some pictures of the boys for our Christmas cards and newsletter. I took about 150 pictures, so of course I've been dying to get them into my computer and really see what the pictures look like.

Now that I have access to my pictures, there will be lots of posts with pictures... starting now!

Right before leaving, I checked on-line for the activities going on at the beach, and found the campground had planned a two-hour trick-or-treat extravaganza for the kids. I sent the boys to grab a costume from their closet, and out the door we went.

Can you imagine any better way to take your kids trick-or-treating (other than not having to go at all?!?!) They had no trouble jumping on and off the golf cart at each site. It was so much easier than getting them in and out of my car!
A little FYI: We stayed at one of our friend's places at the beach. The snazzy golf cart was made by her oldest son. He did the paint, the seats, the whole thing! C adores it! Anytime we're headed down to the beach C always asks if we're staying at the house with the cool golf cart!

Here are a few more photos of the boys before they were tired of me taking a gazillion pictures!
Here are some examples of how people decorated their sites for the kids to come and enjoy!

Well, I'll be posting pictures daily, so keep checking back to see what's going on with the boys! Oh, these boys...they are my joys!

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