Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 208~

I honestly must say, after reading all four books, I don't really understand what the big stink is about the supernatural content in this series.
It was used to portray characters, not to try and convince readers of a lifestyle that is even possible.
I found very little difference in this series' supernatural characters and the witches, fairy godmothers, etc of the fairy tales we read to our young children.
Maybe it's the literature-loving, former English teacher in me that can't see the negative, because it was such a beautifully written love story.
I'm a sucker for a happy ending.
(no pun intended)
The running theme of the book is love- to love others more than yourself.
The author constantly reiterates the point that you should put the safety and well-being of your family above the selfish wants of your flesh.
I've heard it compared to the Harry Potter series over and over, but other than the extreme popularity experienced by each series, I don't see the connection.
I think that point has probably been argued by those that haven't read the books in each series.
In the end, I wished there were another two or three books in the series for me to continue reading!

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