Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 204~

While in Myrtle Beach, I found an Anthropologie.
I adore their latte bowls!
The colors make me swoon!
The littlest joy picked out the two on the top for me.
The oldest joy picked out the two on the bottom.
While at Anthropologie I may or may not have pointed out a couple dozen things for the joys to show Superman for me.
Hey, I do still have a birthday and Christmas coming this year!


Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

Oh thank goodness! Months and months ago I saw these bowls on their website, and then forgot about them. Until I saw a whole shelf full of these in a friend's picture of her kitchen on her blog - but she doesn't take any comments! I had forgotten where to find them and I've been beating myself up over it. lol. You just saaaaved me!

Dana D said...

Jessica~ They are wonderful! We have about 10 of them, and use them for everything! And, although they are from Anthro, they are affordable! I think they were $5 each. The first ones that I bought were only $4 or $4.50, but I guess everything goes up in price over time! :)

Elizabeth said...

Love those bowls! The top color is one of my favs! Very Cute!
Thanks for the sweet comment! I got that baking dish from One of those Southern Living Home Parties several years ago. It's one of my favorite baking dishes.
Have a wonderful day!

edie said...

I love mine and hope to add to the collection next week when I'm in Nashville. Love your blog and those cute boys! What a great transformation in your bathroom, btw!
love to you,

Elizabeth said...

You have a surprise waiting! You need to come visit :]

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