Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 201~ A Day in the Life (Beach Edition)

6:40 am- Watch the sunrise over the Atlantic because the littlest joy requested to see a sunrise on vacation
but this joy wasn't quite as happy to be awake yet.6:42 am- smile at the seagull footprints on the beachand the beautiful, empty pathswhile the oldest joy waits patiently on the golf cart.7:34 am- breakfast at The Golden Egg.8:47 am- boys enjoy splashing in the ocean before the beach becomes too crowded.and I enjoy working my way through New Moon.11:45 am- escape from overcrowded beach and make lunch back at the house. 1:58 pm- emergency trip to Target for the littlest joy to buy a basketball.3:04 pm- drive back to house.3:42 pm- smile at joys playing basketball.6:07 pm- start dinner (Sloppy Wy's).9:22 pm- wash.9:51 pm- dry.10:21 pm- snuggle under covers and read more of New Moon while hearing boys laugh and chat in next room.
smile while feeling really happy about all that was accomplished today.

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