Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 185~

I love me some Tori!
I mean, how can you not love that sweet face?
She's like a mini-me, well, she's like a mini-every-Rose-granddaughter-that-has-been-born!
Ahh, the power of genetics.On our way to go visit her, Wyatt picked a bag of his bounty to take to Miss Priss' grandma.
He's so proud of how much his tomato plants are producing!
I had a blast playing inside with this little firecracker.Once we finished shooting the small fireworks off, she didn't want any part of being outside!She was much more interested in coming inside and entertaining us!
Lawd have mercy, I love to hear this little angel sing!
It's hard to look back and believe she was ever this small.

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