Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 174~ Wyatt's 10th

I love this boy!
And I'm such a mix of happy and sad at him turning 10 today!This double-digit thing is hard on a mama!So hard that I was willing to bake my Gamecock child a garnet and black cake!
(Though his Clemson mama wishes he'd pull for her Tigers!)
10 years of comedy and drama and belly laughs.
10 years of really bad joke telling.
10 years of working me with those sweet baby blues.And I wouldn't trade this monkey for anything in the world.
(Except maybe a Clemson Tiger version of the same great kid.)

My dear Wyatt~

Please slow down!

Please stop growing up so quickly!

I love you!


Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

Hope it was a fabulous birthday! That cake looks delicious!

Southern Gal said...

For some reason I'm not getting your updates in my blogger dashboard anymore. Hmmm.

Let me just say Wyatt and I would get along Fantabulously! Go Cocks!(National Champion Gamecocks, I might add. Sorry I couldn't resist.)
You're a good mama to bake him that cake.

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