Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 136~ Happy Mail

I love getting happy mail!
And today my mailbox was filled with lots of it!
1. THANK YOU CARDS- I cannot over state just how much I love people who take the time to send thank-yous. It's like a lost art these days. When I was young(and dumb)I probably didn't send nearly the amount of thank-yous that I should have! Shame on me! Seriously! I guess I've finally grown up and realized that it's common decency, mixed with a little bit of manners, and topped with a sprinkle of southern raising when you take 3 minutes and write one.
(OK, I'll get off my soapbox now.)
2. ROSETTA STONE SAMPLER- I'm excited to check this out and see if it's worth the money for us to add this to our homeschooling curriculum.
Have any of you tried using Rosetta Stone?
3. ON THE QUAD- This is a publication I receive from my Alma mater, Emmanuel College. It's so neat to see what's happening there.
4. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT- I love babies- the smell of babies, pictures of babies, the sounds of babies, etc. So, there's nothing that makes my heart smile like opening an envelope and finding a birth announcement inside. This sweetie pie was one of two little girl cousins to be born in my family last month. She shares a birthday with our little
Avery Grace.

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