Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 121~

I live in a house filled with blue-eyed men, but I'm in love with a brown-eyed fella!
It's OK if you tell Superman!
He already knows!
I've had a severe case of Baby Fever, ever since I saw Avery Grace make her entrance into this world.
And after spending the day celebrating this brown-eyed boy's 1st birthday, it's only getting worse!
SUPERMAN- You know we need another little one, right?
It's a need!
Not a want!
Do you hear me?
All of these fellas loved the water!And, my joys were more than ready for their great-uncle to fire up the boat!
Can you tell?The brown-eyed birthday boy has an older brown-eyed cutie pie brother.
It was hard for him to watch his big cousins in the water, while he stayed dry.But Superman and I employed all sorts of peer pressure to convince his mama he'd be OK with the joys!Sorry, Shannon!
Look at that happy face!
I'm a push over when it comes to sweet boys!
(And in my own defense, I did promise I'd dive in- in my clothes- and rescue him if he fell off the float! And I WOULD have!)Speaking of sweet boys...
I really need to borrow this one for a week or three!
I call him 'Kissy Lips'!
It's so hard not to kiss all over that sweet face of his!See what I mean?
Happy Birthday, Kissy Lips!
We love you!!!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I keep telling my husband that me wanting a baby is also a NEED... but he has yet to cave in. Good luck in your endeavors. ;)

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