Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 93~

So, I know this post should be about Easter and Easter eggs, but I'm stuck on Superman's super-sexy hands!
Seriously y'all, his hands make me weak in the knees!
They are all sorts of strong!
Like, crush my fingers in his hands strong...
like, hasn't met a jar he can't open strong!
And my heavens, this boy, if he gets any cuter or sweeter or kinder, I just may have to lock him away and not let any little gal near him!
If I could clone him, I'd have a house full of Camerons!
Seriously!And the littlest joy, who looks like his Daddy but acts like his Mama, well I'm quite sure if we cloned him, the world would be in trouble!
Bless his heart!
I'm keeping him forever, too, but one Wyatt is all this world can handle!
Trust me!

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