Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 118~

As someone who had no clue how to cook when I got married, I think it's important to start your children out early in the kitchen
Cooking is an important life skill!
I usually try to only work with one child at the time.
I love the time spent with them, and they don't seem to mind it either.
(Thank heavens!)
Cameron has declared himself our 'Official Grater'.
We never know what shape it will be.
He gets a little carried away with the grater options.
I'm loving cheese slices with my salads these days!
Thank you, Cam!
I love your help!


ginny said...

Dana- you are raising good husbands!!! Your future daughter in laws will thank you.

Dana D said...

Thank you, Ginny!
I hope they will be wonderful husbands!
And I hope to have some great daughters-in-law, too!

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