Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 115~

Just a sampling of what I'm reading right now.
Well, to be perfectly honest, I'm reading 3 of them myself.
School's Out is the first in a series I want to read to the joys. (More on that series here.)
It all started out when I went to the bookstore for one book, all because of this post.
Hello, my name is Dana, and I'm a book addict.
If you have any doubt, just ask Superman!
Or better yet, come look at the 10 boxes of books still sitting in our garage waiting to be unpacked.


Jessica - One Shiny Star said...

What do you think of "For woman only"? I was considering reading it - but we aren't having any problems, and haven't in the last six years. I'm worried if i read I might over analyze and then be the cause of problems. If that makes sense. You should write little reviews of them as you read them. :)

ginny said...

I just counted my pile of books to read and there are 30!! So many books, so little time. Love to read!!!

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