Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 71~

when you thought you were buying a new house years ago
and your littlest joy spotted this headboard on consignment
and the same little joy couldn't live without it
and begged and pleaded for said headboard every time you entered said store
you finally caved and bought it
you put it in storage
you didn't buy new house
three years later you move
with two weeks notice
you ask Superman to measure headboard
your guts tell you it is a double
Superman tells you he's sure it's a twin
and NOT a double
your guts still think it's a double
you ask Superman again to measure headboard
he parks by storage building every day at work
Superman doesn't check measurement
(you don't have a key to storage building to measure it yourself)
Superman insists it's a twin
you buy a new twin bed frame
you find a twin box springs
Superman brings home headboard
it's NOT a TWIN

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Haha! This sounds like the story of my life! BUT, it is an adorable headboard. Go Mom!

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