Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 69~

Dear AT&T,
When we found out we would be moving, I called and set up a move order for our phone lines, fax line, and internet service. You said, "No problem. This will be a seamless move. Simply plug your equipment in when you get there." Sadly, we have had many problems. We went a week without our landlines. You lost my two business lines, as well as our fax line. You then told me that even though you were responsible for losing them, that once they were gone you could do NOTHING about it. You made me go through 3 supervisors before you were miraculously able to give me back ring master and the numbers we pay to advertise in your yellow pages. Now that you have resolved all those issues, I thought I would show you what my inbox looks like when I'm forced to go 10 days without internet access in my home. I am afraid that if this is what a 'seamless' move looks like, then I'll wait to move until you no longer have a monopoly on the landline services I've grown accustomed to.
You customer for now,
Dana D
P.S. It would be simply smashing if you could get my wireless internet up and running sometime in 2010.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

What in the world?! How do you manage to get that many e-mails? I think I get about 5 a day... and most of them are stupid forwards!

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