Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 54~ Flea Market Style

Ever since I first put my hands on a copy of Junk Market Style several years ago, I've wanted more! And more finally came in the form of the premier issue of Flea Market Style! Can I just say, it's about time!

But, let me be honest, I think $9.99 for this magazine, or any magazine, is just a bit ridiculous. However, since this copy is sitting on my bed, I obviously didn't think it was too ridiculous to bring it home!

And, I was so happy to see one of my most favorite bloggers featured in the magazine (on p.28). Check Meg's blog out. I've read her blog for at least two years now, and she is amazing!


ellen said...

Hey, Dana! Thanks for saying hi last week. We are definitely neighbors; well, sort of. I live downtown, right next door to Epworth Children's Home. So glad to meet another Columbia blogger.

And, I love Meg's blog. Been reading it for awhile now!

meg duerksen said...

hi dana!
i thought the price was steep too....what is the world coming to?!
thanks for the shout out! those gs cookies and satrbucks look really yummy right now...

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