Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 48~

We've got big happenings going on around here! We knew we had a move in our future, but it's happening about 6 months earlier than we ever expected. That makes things a little hectic and stressful right now, but ultimately it's a really wonderful thing for our little family.

The move is to a rental property we own, that we can finally see as a blessing, and not as a curse. One day I'll sit down and share the whole story, but for now I can't. Let's just say it's a testament as to what God can do!

Over the several years that we've owned the property, we've made lots of improvements to it in between renting it out. The only thing it really NEEDS in order to function for us is new flooring in the bedrooms (& eventually in the 2 full baths).

Wyatt has a time with allergies, so I dreaded putting him in a room with carpet. But with the move happening so quickly, it really wasn't in the budget to do more than carpet. However, when my parents heard that he didn't want carpet, but may have to have it, they offered to buy him the flooring of his choice. His room is the smallest in the house, so getting to pick out his own floors has him feeling quite special! THANK YOU, GRAMMY & PAWPAW!

I took him shopping, just to see what type of floors he might like. He's the child that looks like his daddy, but acts like his mama, and he also has his mama's expensive taste. His first choice was $14 a square foot! That's not going to happen! This may be a long week!

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