Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25~

The boys and I go on lots of 'dates' with one another.  Sometimes it is what they consider a fancy date- dinner and a movie or a little shopping.  But other times it's nothing other than a little fast food and sweet conversation.  The one thing that always remains the same is that our dates are one on one.  It's their own special time.

Today Wyatt and I had a little date.  We chatted over chicken fingers, french fries, and fried pickles (not so great) about our day, how his OT appointment went, and why he thinks I need a Jupiter Jack.  Bless his heart!

Over the years, I've seen the boys not only look forward to our dates, but actually had them ask me when we were going out on another one.  I hope when they're older, they'll still want to go on dates with me!  I wouldn't miss them for the world!

1 comment:

sara's art house said...

Fried pickles!

Fun and great memories!

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