Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16~

We spent this weekend with THE Godparents. When they are in town, there is always lots of fun to be had!

Superman's business helped sponsor the Power Pro Wrestling event held at one of the local middle schools. So, of course, we went!

(More on Hacksaw here.)

That particular gym just happened to have been Superman's and the Godfather's high school gym 20-something years ago. It was a nostalgic night. tee-hee!

Wyatt was in rare form! He loves spending time with THE Godparents, but in order for me to get this picture, I had to first get this one:

and this one:
and this one:Thank heavens the Godwoman knows how to handle him!I love these two!

They are the best friends a couple could ask for!

I managed to get one more pic that I really must share! Maybe it should have been my picture of the day...Yes, ma'am! This wrestler's behind really does say, "AS SEEN ON TV".

1 comment:

Chele said...

Dare I confess to blogland, that it actually took me about a minute to realize "what" kind of picture I was looking at with the "As Seen On Tv"......have mercy.

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