Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Review

JANUARY We actually had a little snow here in SC! The boys loved it!
FEBRUARY My Superman, my love- he gave me roses for Valentine's!
MARCH The Godfather & Godmama came to town. Superman and The Godfather were like kids again. The Wii was a hit!
Grammy came to town for our annual trip to Disney on Ice.Two new kitties came to live with us!

We picked strawberries and made strawberry jam.

JUNESuperman turned 40! The littlest joy turned 9!
JULY Cameron and I baked Meg's rainbow cake.Wyatt broke a tooth on the side of the pool!
We spent a day at the water park.My first born turned 11!We said farewell to Daddy Robert, and he joined Nana Mae in Beulah Land.

A crafty, girls' weekend soothed my heart!
SEPTEMBERCameron and Superman went on their annual Father/Son trip to the NHRA race. Cameron was on TV with this poster he made. Games were played.
OCTOBERI spent my birthday weekend with my paternal cousins... ALL of them! The kitties had surgery.
NOVEMBERCameron earned his orange belt.Wyatt earned his red belt. Miss Priss turned 2.
DECEMBER Wyatt entered his first karate tournament. He won 2 trophies!We saw Santa.I made Christmas goodies, including Nana Mae's mounds and strawberries and Doris' holly treats.
The littlest joy was in our church play.

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CheleLew said...

Awesome year-in-review!!! Somehow I must have missed that one of the Joys had broken a tooth on the pool. Um.....

Happy New Year my friend!!!

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