Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Wyatt snuck off with Paw Paw, so Cameron and I jumped at the chance to make the infamous RAINBOW cake while we had the house all to ourselves! If you haven't seen one before, head over to Meg's blog, WHATEVER. She is the brainchild behind this blog-lifted project!Cameron is a great helper in the kitchen!He never complains!Well, except maybe when I've snapped a dozen pictures in all of 30 seconds!I must confess something to y'all... I have a slight obsession with cake plates! I currently own 4! But to make matters worse, I can think of at least another 5 specific ones that I want to own!And secretly, part of my excitement in baking a cake today was that it meant I'd get to use my new one! The one that Superman bought for me on Saturday, after dragging me to another autograph session. (But that is a story for another post.)Ahhhh... isn't she pretty? I think I love her! Oh, but back to our project. Aren't those some happy colors?!?! The layers were slipping and slidding all over the place, so I decided not to put icing on the sides. And it sat just this beautifully for about 10 minutes (I think). Then Superman walked into the kitchen and said, "Honey, half your cake fell off onto the counter!"

But I didn't believe him!

I should have!

I had to see it for myself!

Thank goodness this was just my practice cake! I'll be making another one Saturday for my dad's birthday. And next time, I think I'll follow Meg's advice about cutting the top of each layer to make it smooth!

Go check out her directions. I don't think you'd want to follow mine!


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful cake!

You know how you have one item that is very popular when you get married? And you get more of that item than anything else? For me it was towels. I'm still using towels from almost 29 years ago. BUT Rebekah's item was cake plates!! Yes, she got 6 or 7 of them. I was drooling over a couple of them.

Hope your cake stays put for your dad!

Anonymous said...

That was me. Sorry.

Dana D said...

Thanks Renee! I'm hoping it will stay together, too! If not, we'll have made a memory to laugh about for years!

Tell Rebekah I said she should keep them ALL! They make a pretty kitchen display on shelves or tops of cabinets! And, she can use them for the rest of her life!

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