Monday, July 27, 2009

♫ He Fought the Pool and the Pool Won ♫

This is what happens when a super-strong little man bangs his mouth into the side of the pool (while wrestling with his brother.)And this is the same super-strong little fella, as we're headed for an emergency dental appointment.But thankfully, his sweet smile was made beautiful again!And after nearly 16 hours with NO food, as to allow for anesthesia if needed, he batted his blue eyes, flashed those pearly whites, and requested lunch at Red Robin. It seemed that a meal with endless french fries could solve all his problems! THE END

(until the next round of boy trauma that causes mama drama!)

1 comment:

inspired said...

So glad to see a perfect smile. That must have been quite stressful!

On the template issue, it looks like someone took your blog and "shook" it out like you shake a sheet to make the bed. Wish I could help, but I haven't messed with blog templates in about 2 years (as you can see by my blog). I would have to relearn the whole process!!

Love ya!

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