Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tiger & Caroline

It was love at first sight!Tiger climbed the cage, stuck out his paw, and let out a blood-curdling, never-ending cry! Even though we only planned to adopt 2 female kittens, Tiger (a male kitty) was meant to be ours.Here is the moment he was given to the littlest joy!Those two, Tiger and Wyatt, are very much alike! They both have a very mischievous twinkle in their beautiful, blue eyes.They both are cunning and creative!And they both are stubborn!I've been known to nickname each of them 'TROUBLE'!And Lord help me, they are! But I can't resist either of them! This is our precious Caroline. She belongs to the oldest joy! And I am amazed at how much alike Caroline and Cameron are as well! I'm beginning to believe that you don't choose your animals, they choose you!
She is timid, kind, and playful. I love to watch her dip her paw in her water bowl.Then she licks the water off her paw. It's so sweet!And she has the most beautiful blue-green eyes. They are the same color as Cameron's.

I stand amazed! Anyone who knows me will tell you that I don't like animals at all! Yet I now find myself completely in love with these sweet kitties!


inspired said...

Those are precious little ones! Hey, check out my blog...I answered your question about lettuce!

Have a great day!

Holly said...

Awww! How could you NOT fall in love with them! They are all so adorable! I want a kitten now!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kittywinks would be so proud that you've left the days of hissing at cats behind you! Too bad she never experienced that! ;)

I loooove Caroline and Tiger. I can't wait to meet them... neither can Ziggy. =)

Mom said to tell the boys that the kittens are just as precious as they are and that she loves their mom's comments.


Katja mit Fabian und Florian said...

Hi from Germany,

I found your blog by chance.

Your blog is very intersting!

My son, Fabian, age 10, is wheelchair bound since he fell from a tree two years ago.

It was a very hard time for all of us after Fabians accident. The moment when the doctor told us, that Fabian is paralyzed and the moment when we must told him that he never walk again, was so terrible. Especially terrible was the day, when Fabian got his first wheelchair. I still cry when I saw him sitting in his wheelchair at the first time.

But Fabian is so brave! I am so proud of him.

Since his accident Fabian visits a school for special needs kids. All other kids in his class are disabled, too. The most kids must use a wheelchair, tree kids can walk with a walker / quad canes.

Every Saturday Fabian visits a sport group for children in wheelchairs. Two hours they play together in their wheelchairs. It is so funny for the kids.

Two month ago he got a new “Spidermann”-wheelchair.

If you are interest I will send you some photos of him in his new wheelchair.

I will be glad about a short answer mail.

Best wishes Katja

Michelle said...

beautiful kittens! I know your joys will enjoy them!

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