Thursday, August 21, 2008

Construction Chaos

After a decade of my endless whining about getting rid of our carpet, Superman has come through! And I love him even more! You see, our carpet is the original carpet from when the house was built for Superman in the 80's. After almost twenty years, two children (boys none the less) it's had it!

So Superman has been doing this...

and this...
And my joys have been doing this...and this...and this...I've been busy, too! Let's see, I've been- well, basically I've just been taking a lot of pictures. Oh yeah, and bidding farewell to my wretched carpet!

I've also been encouraging the joys to express their inner creative genius.

***WARNING*** Extremely UNCONVENTIONAL Method of expressing creativity***

The wall that held Superman's 125 gallon bachelor pad built-in aquarium is now gone. Before the new paint color is put on the walls, we decided to have a little fun.
The joys were only allowed to use pencils for their artwork. That way, it'll be easy enough to cover up their designs with the new paint. I'm thinking about using a much softer (read 'generic' here) shade of paint than my current red, so I didn't want to risk the colors bleeding through the new paint.
My favorite artwork has been this...It literally put a huge smile on my face!
His, too!I promise, I'm not suffering from temporary insanity! Although I just might go bonkers before we're finished! Ten years from now, I truly believe my children will remember being able to draw on the walls and color on the carpet with Sharpies! I like to look at it like we're making memories! In fact, I have every intention of scribbling all over the carpet in my room before it gets ripped out, too! Even Superman helped us draw on the wall! This has been a lot of fun! And yes, we've made sure that the boys understand where and when this is allowed!










sara's art house said...

That looks like a LOT of fun!!!! I know they will remember that :)

The hardwoods look wonderful!

Heather Young Gowdy said...

You could always send Superman over to my place when you're done! I want so desperately to get rid of the 60's/70's TRI-colored shag in our living room! Oh, the horror!

Chele said...

Me and Ms. Inspired almost stopped last night on the way to BAM, but decided against -- as we knew you'd be needin' to be a ministering and all. LOL

I think it is SO GREAT that all of you have had fun making memories with the wall and the carpet. Your boys will remember this fun time for the rest of their lives.....Can't wait to see your "after pictures" of the new carpet and walls. :-) Miss Ya
Chele :-)

chelle said...

Good idea...we just put down hardwood in the den, living room and kitchen this was stressful but the outcome is so worth it...Looks good can't wait to see the finished project!

thanks for stopping by my blog...I always love hearing from a Clemson fan...I'm starting to get nervous, as I always do before the time on Saturday...hope they go all the way this year :)...I'll put you on my side bar and continue to stop by...

Tanya said...

That does look like fun! I love hardwood floors. It looks timeless and beautiful!

Kim said...

that carpet has been there that long??? That is a miracle - I don't care what it looked like!!! And he really had a 125 gallon tank? Isn't that an indoor pool??

Dana D said...

Yep, Kim- on both! The carpet really was 20 years old, and his aquarium really, really is a 125-gallon tank! He and his buddies had to put additional supports under the house to handle the weight of the aquarium when it was full of water! Bless his heart, he had a jam-up bachelor pad until I came along! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Wyatt and Cam,
Grammy is trying to leave you a comment, but it won't post. You and Cam are amazing. I love your artwork. And--what great little helpers you are. No wonder you are your mom's JOYS! You're mine too!

kari and kijsa said...

Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
Have a wonderful Labor Day,
kari & kijsa

meg duerksen said...

that is so cool.
i would enjoy drawing on carpet too!
it's even fun for grown ups.

very fun.
good to check in on you.
have a great friday!

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