Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Do You See This Man?

This completely adorable, hot, and sweaty stud of a man? I love him!
I love him a whole lot!But he doesn't love it a whole lot when I take pictures of him! Can you tell?

His joys don't mind when I take pictures of them though!
They even pose for me!Oops! Sorry! I got a little sidetracked!

Remember that hot, sweaty hunk of a man that I was bragging on? That man that I am so dadgum lucky to be married to? Well, he spoils us--- all three of us! He buys us things that we really don't need. He buys us things that we want.

And this week he bought us the pool that we saw at Sam's Sunday afternoon. Not because we needed it- not because the earth would stop spinning if we didn't have one, but because he knew we wanted it. And like I've said a million times before, I'd be lost without him!Unfortunately, I had to help the three of them put it together. And I declare, it nearly killed me! Our seven-year-old is now stronger than me! I'm officially a weakling!

Thank you to Meg for her advice and input about this particular pool. If you haven't checked out her blog, go visit! It's full of beautiful pictures, great decorating ideas, and yummy recipes! And Meg put her pool together by herself! That is proof that dynamite comes in tiny packages!

We bought the pool yesterday, and had it put together before dinner. It is still filling up as I type, but hopefully we'll be swimming tomorrow! The boys couldn't resist climbing in and 'swimming' in the 2 inches of water that accumulated last night.Look out summer, here we come!


meg duerksen said...

HA! i am not tiny by any means.
but i am determined!
if noone was going to build it for me there was no way another day was going by without that pool up!
how much hannah montana and dora can one woman take?! these kids needed that pool up!
my kids did help me...not alot but enough.
i am happy you got it and it's all set up!
you will love it.
it will make summer so much better.
good luck with al the chemicals.
we have had to drain it before so keep on top of it.
if it looks a bit green don't wait...it doesn't take long for a pool to become a pond.

havea great time playin' in your pool!

Beth said...

I just have to laugh because we have like some of the same posts here lately. I stumbled onto your blog. We homeschool too and have 2 boys. My hubby was a CBC graduate. Anyways, just thought I would drop I line.

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