Monday, February 11, 2008

Kanye West's Tribute to his Mama

Did you watch the Grammy's last night? I caught the last half of it. Before last night, I couldn't have told you anything about Kanye West, really. I had heard bits and pieces on the news about his mother dying recently, but I couldn't tell you any song he sang.

As he performed this tribute to his mama, I sat on the couch and cried.

Although I don't want to think of my children experiencing such raw, painful emotions from losing me one day, his song left me truly inspired! I hope that I show my children the love and devotion Kanye's mom must have undoubtedly shown to him.

If you're reading this and you are a mom, you have to take a moment and listen to the words of his song. They are bound to move you. (Pause the music on my playlist in order to hear Kanye's tribute without interuption.)

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