Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pictures With Santa

I usually send photo cards for Christmas that have a picture of the boys with Santa. This year, I chose a different picture, so I thought I'd share their photos with Santa here. This is the same Santa that we go to see every year! I really love that they can look back through their scrapbooks and see that all of the pictures are with the same Santa. It has helped me to answer some of their "Is Santa real?" questions.

This year we went to see Santa during lunch on a weekday. Boy, that sure made a difference! There was no line! The boys were able to take as long as they needed to think of and list the three things they wanted for Christmas! And I was able to take a dozen pictures! Because we weren't forced to rush through the visit, I had a chance to take their pictures individually with Santa, too! That was a first!

1 comment:

inspired said...

How sweet! You are right. That is very special that Santa looks the same each year...he hasn't aged a bit!! Hope all is well in you household!!


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