Sunday, October 7, 2007

23 Reasons Why

Back to peaches and roses here, and ready to share some birthday cheer. In honor of the anniversary of my 23rd birthday, here's a list of 23 reasons why I'm grateful to have celebrated another birthday:

1. Learning cake in bed trumps breakfast in bed! (Worth repeating from yesterday, seriously!!!)
2. An excuse to buy a tea maker! (Thank you Superman!)
3. Unlimited hugs and kisses from my sweet boys!
4. I was able to soak in the tub uninterrupted!
5. Phone calls from friends and family!
6. Cards from friends and family!
7. Getting to celebrate for an extra day!
8. Did I mention how awesome it is to eat cake in bed?!?!
9. A new twin-size electric blanket, just for my side of the bed! (Thank you Superman!)
10. Another opportunity to get love notes from ALL my boys!
11. Simple pleasures that reminded me of how blessed I am to be given another day!
12. Being made to feel like the most important woman on the face of the earth.
13. Never ending refills on my glass of sweet tea! (Thank you W!)
14. Did I mention experiencing how awesome it is to eat birthday cake in bed?!?!
15. Realizing Age+ Gravity= An explanation for some "things" I'm seeing!
16. The magical look in my boys eyes every time they looked at me!
17. Handmade works of art hand-delivered throughout the day!
18. No cooking all day long- for two whole days!
19. Sweet snuggles without me having to ask! (Thank you C!)
20. Cash for a bit of shopping!
21. Uncontested chick-flick watching!
22. Realizing my boys don't actually believe I'm only 23, but they love me enough to pretend!
23. The opportunity to talk to both of my grandmas by phone on my birthday! (Thank you Jesus!)


inspired said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated)! Really it is your birthday all year so I can tell you happy birthday right up until the next "23rd"! You are going to be a "crazy old lady" on day!!!


Do you think if you tell Superman that I said it is your birthday all year that it will warrant you getting cake in bed again??

Dana D said...

I sure hope so! I keep reminding him how much I loved it, so hopefully he'll find some other special days to suprise me with cake in bed!

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